There was a time when I felt that knowledge could be generally discernable. That is, information could be regarded as true based on a limited set of principles regarding the sourcing, credibility of the authors at large, and general timing of a piece of information. There was a time, in college, where access to databases research material was taken for granted. It seems now, the politicized bodies toiling away through stories and illegally obtained information appears normal. How long must one who is aware, be subject to a lack of context? During an age of conjecture, how long until the…

By J.J. Alan

Shared in memory of Dr. Janet Gould, mentor of wisdom, kind enough to share her philosophical lens into indigenous ancestry. Thank you.

According to Edison film historian C. Musser, this film and others shot on the same day featured Native American Indian dancers from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, and constitutes the American Indian’s first appearance before a motion picture camera. DIGITAL ID edmp.4025 /

Academic approaches to the sought understanding of the depth into indigenous cultural remains focus strictly on physical detritus of the pasts’ bearers (Sablof, 19). As such, the archival body of artifactual…

Those susceptible to affect nature may find a relative existence of worth. But this follows a notional explanation.

Do we evolve for the judgement of our actions? Surely not, as comfort invariably comes to the end, just as a life of meaning…

While, aepiphany leads to the root of everything; reduction to dust is a mere coincidence.

Is the worth of the life we live the worth the material we carry? Is the meaning of life to discover the meaning of life?

But what is archetypal and what is just? I do not bare these ideas, for they have come…

A society blind destined for guidance.

It has been a common conception for several decades prior to the chaos of 2018 onward, that major news outlets foster a disarray in common understanding.

Many have since tuned out of the unfortunate misconceptions of “truth”, neatly packaged for viewership without a call for critical thinking — and these viewers often lose the ability to discern fact from conjecture inherently intertwined with individualism.

In the romanticized static nation of America, in 2018, the fear is officially a living entity, feeding off disinformation and contempt among brethren in disagreement. It arises from a lack of common understanding of the world…

We Have Evolved Little from Pre-Historic Ancestry — Skillsets of Modern Humans Today, Shed Light on Ancient Humans Environments

A tetrahedron — one of the most stable crystallographic 3D conformations of Carbon molecules, and generally thought to be one of the most powerfully supportive polyhedrons.

Justice, according to Plato, is an overarching virtue of human society due to its roots in the human soul. In one legend, he suggests, through Glaucon, that morality is a societal construct, and pursuance of morality is for personal social standing. He exemplifies this through “the ring of Gyges”, a powerful ring which grants the bearer invisibility. Specifically, this ring is mentioned under the context in which a leader can be diplomatically immune to the rule of law, or how ones…

J. J. Alan

Observation and awareness in a living, evolving, dynamic social complex.

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