A Light Question for Science Art and Nature

Those susceptible to affect nature may find a relative existence of worth. But this follows a notional explanation.

Do we evolve for the judgement of our actions? Surely not, as comfort invariably comes to the end, just as a life of meaning…

While, aepiphany leads to the root of everything; reduction to dust is a mere coincidence.

Is the worth of the life we live the worth the material we carry? Is the meaning of life to discover the meaning of life?

But what is archetypal and what is just? I do not bare these ideas, for they have come before.
That would be too simple, and complex in practice.

What is and what is not…
What is black and white?

Is it silver? Is it gold?

Only a test of chemistry can confirm if it is sterling.

Initially exists sacrifice for causes. Language is not quite the same. Evolution is not the same. Language models our evolution, as evolution implicitly models or language.

Is the complexity of humankind doomed to repeat itself forever? Or is the question not how humanity can determine its evolution, but rather, how we choose to model our environment?

Beliefs we hold for self preservation are based in our environments. Implicitly, we act to resolve pluripotentiality. We take chances. The futility of entropy is perhaps more futile than the fruit of entropy. To reign within each of the senses opposes the reactive nature of the other.

As often as explanations to nodular space are generated inversely, attraction in these interactomes essential to understanding that which it incites forth. The fruition of embodiment is pluripotential, always unfinished.

False presuppositions of love; false presuppositions of the self — subsequently, exist as one hierarchy. Forthrite in meaning as much as inspiration bleeds into the atmosphere. The chimera of our genetics reveals more than we could interpret through chemistry.

But why? The degrees of attraction and avoidance remain in our sensory origins. Do we seek truth? Or do we seek ordered chronology? We seek attraction as much as we find repulsion, and if we grasp what we lack, we cannot grasp it.

All is relative.

Perhaps, all is just relative enough, that we may find our understandings in the unknown, as off target.

Surely, a mutant is necessary. Is that intuitive?

Observation and awareness in a living, evolving, dynamic social complex.

Observation and awareness in a living, evolving, dynamic social complex.