A society blind destined for guidance.

Overcome the “Fear” — America’s Dynamic Commodity

It has been a common conception for several decades prior to the chaos of 2018 onward, that major news outlets foster a disarray in common understanding.

Many have since tuned out of the unfortunate misconceptions of “truth”, neatly packaged for viewership without a call for critical thinking — and these viewers often lose the ability to discern fact from conjecture inherently intertwined with individualism.

In the romanticized static nation of America, in 2018, the fear is officially a living entity, feeding off disinformation and contempt among brethren in disagreement. It arises from a lack of common understanding of the world, granted by the complete lack of true popular culture, and the cultural heritages once idealized as the heart of American culture, now vilified from isolationist nationalism, and the apathy of those who refuse to challenge their impulses. Fear re-enforces the cruel notion that we are asocial in times of danger. Fear spreads like wildfire when people are devoid of a true leader.

America needs to disengage from the ravenous meritocratic rationalism, alienating consciousness from action. But as a first step, America should recognize at least one common ground:

Artwork by Rachael Selk. Despite a difference in viewpoint, the responsibility is shared in unity.

Fear has distracted America to a point which, if tolerance and mindfulness fail to pervade, amorality, sociopathy, and apathy will surely initiate the irreversible failure of Romantic America; which, exemplifies the Enlightenment’s novelty and nihilism as a model for our species.

Observation and awareness in a living, evolving, dynamic social complex.

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