There was a time when I felt that knowledge could be generally discernable. That is, information could be regarded as true based on a limited set of principles regarding the sourcing, credibility of the authors at large, and general timing of a piece of information. There was a time, in college, where access to databases research material was taken for granted. It seems now, the politicized bodies toiling away through stories and illegally obtained information appears normal. How long must one who is aware, be subject to a lack of context? During an age of conjecture, how long until the truth emerges as the epitome of our fears? There is some sense to the phrase, “with heads in the sand.”

Unfortunately, time, among the proceedings of nature, tends to be a modern obsession as it is the lowest hanging commodifiable fruit of information which may control an individual-like mind. As such, time is weaponized. It keeps pulsing, grabbing the attention of those with, or without, to birth an informational genocide. For those who believe in a sensible society, which promises a fair and just sequence of laws and assurance of personal property (i.e. free thought), we occasionally find our circumstances to be the bleak realization of the lack thereof.