We Have Evolved Little from Pre-Historic Ancestry — Skillsets of Modern Humans Today, Shed Light on Ancient Humans Environments

A tetrahedron — one of the most stable crystallographic 3D conformations of Carbon molecules, and generally thought to be one of the most powerfully supportive polyhedrons.

Justice, according to Plato, is an overarching virtue of human society due to its roots in the human soul. In one legend, he suggests, through Glaucon, that morality is a societal construct, and pursuance of morality is for personal social standing. He exemplifies this through “the ring of Gyges”, a powerful ring which grants the bearer invisibility. Specifically, this ring is mentioned under the context in which a leader can be diplomatically immune to the rule of law, or how ones standing can grant them power to circumnavigate the law, out of public viewing. Thus, essentially, the ring of Gyges is a symbol for state power under the control of humankind, which is innately self-centered and will likely abuse power over people. As such, it seems impossible for me, or anyone, at this point in human moral evolution, to bear such a ring.

It would be rational to assume most people hold desires, physical or ideological, which they would assume if given the opportunity. A similar analogy, is that of the modern day “whistleblower” of state secrets. It seems, that were I to possess secrets of the state’s involvement in activities which I found unjust, I would find it my moral duty to expose the immorality of the state. Another example of this notion, is the abuse of state power seen through American politics, and the frequent occurrence of scandals of tax evasion, and involvement in crime.

A just person obeys laws according to the state, which, should ideally, according to Plato, be ruled under the philosophical ideals of a “Philosopher King”; a philosophical leader was necessary, not a democratic leader, largely as “democracy” in the wrong hands is a failure, and caused the death of his predecessor Socrates. This “Philosopher King” would seek to realize his or her own desires, which, would be ultimately just under the virtue of societal needs or desires. As such, the state should hold interests for self-improvement, in order to improve society as a whole.

It seems reasonable, that society should look towards a leader who fosters both his or her own intuitive nature, but with respect to society, community, and the human race at large, fosters the overall advancement of Humankind through his or her exemplary guidance.

Observation and awareness in a living, evolving, dynamic social complex.

Observation and awareness in a living, evolving, dynamic social complex.